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Huggler, Bashore & Brooks are Lansing REALTORS® who specialize in residential properties from Holt to St. Johns, Grand Ledge to Haslett, East Lansing, Okemos and Williamston. The Huggler, Bashore & Brooks team love Mid-Michigan, and they love helping their clients find the perfect place to call home!

A poor city boy who left his hometown in search of greatness, Brian discovered the world of real estate instead.  Well on his way to financial mediocrity before he teamed up with Martha and Nancy, he brought an innate business acumen to the partnership .   Not only can Brian bring home the bacon, but he can fry it up in a pan, along with some fresh tarragon and chervil, of course.  Anyone who knows Brian knows his love of French cooking. His favorite vacations are spent at Patricia Well's cooking school in Provence.   Brian and his partner Ken often host community fundraisers and soirees at their home, the 1920s Tudor-style "Harper House" in Lansing. Fortunately for their friends, there are usually lots of leftovers.
After a career-ending injury sidelined her dreams of playing professional powder-puff football, this Okemos-native and MSU grad was left with few career choices. Her love of fine food and wine would lead her to become the manager of Dusty's Wine Bar in Okemos (which her brother now owns).   Martha and Brian worked together at the restaurant, and the rest is real estate history.  Nowadays, she spends her leisure time with the three Rs, reading, remodeling and roaming the planet in search of new adventures.  Martha loves travelling to their cottage in Bath, England and would someday like to travel to Antarctica, though she still hasn’t found anyone who wants to go with her, yet. 
Quietly toiling away in the field of real estate, little did the unsuspecting Nancy know that her friendships with Brian and Martha would one day lead to a professional  partnership.   A Lansing native, there isn’t a street in practically the whole city she hasn’t driven down or sold a house on.  She never misses Silver Bells in the City, enjoys cooking and painting (and then repainting), remodeling (and then remodeling) her house and shopping at DSW where she indulges in her affection for very cool shoes.  She loves her kids and her pets and should have her one dog’s eyelash surgery paid off within the year.   Yes,  eyelash surgery.